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FLY TIME EDUCATION serves as your comprehensive destination for international study and coaching requirements. Our primary focus is guiding students to make informed decisions about pursuing education abroad. 

With expertise in education systems worldwide, we offer detailed information on higher education opportunities in countries like Canada and Australia. Learn more about our professional services.

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Your top choice for expert visa assistance. Receive personalized support, deep expertise, and unwavering reliability throughout your visa journey.

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We've earned our reputation as leading international study visa consultants by ensuring seamless application processing.

about Fly Time Education

Since 1992 We Have MoreBranches All Over World

Fly Time Education Visa Company has established its presence with branches scattered across the globe, facilitating seamless access to educational opportunities worldwide. With a commitment to making educational dreams a reality, Fly Time Education Visa Company operates branches in strategic locations, ensuring convenience and accessibility for students aspiring to study abroad.

Whether it’s in bustling urban centers or serene suburban locales, Fly Time’s branches stand as beacons of support and guidance, offering comprehensive services to navigate the complexities of international education. From visa assistance to academic counseling, each branch is staffed with dedicated professionals proficient in addressing the diverse needs of students. With a global footprint, Fly Time Education Visa Company serves as a trusted partner in empowering individuals to pursue their academic ambitions across borders.

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Steps To Apply Online Visa

Applying for a visa online offers convenience and efficiency in the application process. Here are the steps to apply for an online visa. By following these steps, you can successfully apply for a visa online, streamlining the process and minimizing the need for in-person visits to visa application centers or embassies/consulates. It’s essential to carefully adhere to the instructions provided and submit all required documents accurately to increase the chances of a successful visa application.

Fill In All The Required Form

When completing a visa application form, it's essential to ensure all required fields are filled accurately and completely. Begin by carefully reading through the instructions provided with the form.

Submit All Your Attested

We ensure that your attested documents are submitted correctly and increase the chances of a successful visa application process. If you have any specific questions or need further assistance, it's advisable to contact us.

Make Payment For Your Visa

Upon successful payment authorization, you should receive a confirmation message or email indicating that your payment has been processed. This confirmation serves as proof of payment.

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“We have earned a strong reputation in the immigration industry for our specialized services, praised by clients for enhancing their visa facilitation experience. Our handpicked executives undergo rigorous training on country-specific immigration regulations to ensure prompt and hassle-free services. With thorough knowledge and hands-on experience, our team adeptly navigates immigration procedures followed by Embassies and High Commissions.”

IELTS Coaching

Fly Time Education offers intensive IELTS coaching designed to enhance English language proficiency. Our coaching program prepare....

PTE Coaching

Fly Time Education provides effective PTE coaching to boost English language proficiency. Our experienced instructors offer....


Fly Time Education offers comprehensive immigration services, guiding clients through the entire process with expertise....

Study Visa

Fly Time Education specializes in study visa services, providing personalized guidance and support to students aspiring to study abroad....

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Canada is a vast and diverse country located in North America, known for its stunning natural landscapes, multicultural society, and strong economy. 



Australia, often dubbed the "Land Down Under," is a vast island continent located in the Southern Hemisphere, surrounded by the Indian and Pacific Oceans. 

United States

The United States, often referred to simply as the U.S., is a vast and diverse country located in North America, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south. 

New Zealand

New Zealand, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is a small island country known for its breathtaking natural beauty and outdoor adventures. 


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